Tooling is manufactured in house by highly qualified tool makers with an extensive line of 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC milling centers. Plastics Design & Mfg. utilizes SolidWorks and Mastercam for Cad/Cam software to create form tooling and secondary fixtures. Large platform and Cast tools are secured from long term tooling partners.

Machined Aluminum Molds

Machined aluminum molds are typically built for shallow parts with small draw rations. Plastics Design & Manufacturing uses 6061-T6 aluminum for the construction of these molds, which can be held to very close tolerances. These molds are then mounted on a temperature-controlled base to control the mold temperature during the forming process. Male or female molds and vacuum-form or pressure-form molds can be machined aluminum molds. Molds can be textured and may offer features such as loose cores, pneumatic cores, and inserts.

Cast Aluminum Molds

Cast aluminum molds are cast at a foundry from a pattern machined by Plastics Design & Manufacturing from composite material. The temperature controls are cast into the back and sides of the molds at the foundry. Cast aluminum molds are typically built for parts with large draw ratios and may be male or female and vacuum-form or pressure-form. Features such as texture, loose and pneumatic cores, and inserts are available.

Composite Molds

For prototyping and short production runs, cost-efficient composite materials are used for mold construction. These molds produce parts that are to be evaluated for fit, form and function and may be modified to evaluate possible design changes. Composite molds are for vacuum forming only, are not temperature controlled and have a limited life.