Plastic Profile Extrusion Process and Benefits

Using plastic waste in an effective manner

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The plastic profile extrusion process starts which raw thermoplastic material (resin) which is melted and fed into the barrel of an extruder.

The rotating screw pushes the resin down a heated barrel to a set temperature, and then flows through a reinforced screen to remove any contaminants.

The resin passes through a die which gives the final product its profile or shape and is maintained throughout the cooling process. The extruded material is cooled as it moves to the end of the line where it is spooled or cut into final pieces, all in line.

The plastic profile extrusion process can include solid and hollow forms, and produces items such as:

  • Pipe
  • Tubing
  • Weather stripping
  • Fencing
  • Deck railings
  • Window frames
  • Plastic films and sheeting
  • Wire installation
  • Thermoplastic coatings

Benefits of the Plastic Profile Extrusion Process

Profile extrusion is feasible for companies of all sizes, and includes several benefits:

  • Reduced costs, increased efficiency. The ability to extrude a large portion of plastic products can make the production process more efficient and cost effective, while still providing customers with the same quality products.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Plastics Design & Manufacturing has taken every opportunity to utilize sustainable methods that help prevent unnecessary waste of resources. Typically, plastics companies discard large amounts of leftover materials.

What makes us unique is that we reclaim the scrap plastic that we use in our other manufacturing products. We take the plastic in its whole form to our grinding department where it’s crushed into pellets. We use the pellets as media in our extrusion process. It’s a very green process and we feel we’re doing our part in reducing the size of local landfills

John Gonzalez, quality control manager at Plastics Design & Manufacturing.

  • Versatility. The extrusion process can produce complex shapes and varying thickness, hardness, size, color and texture.

Custom Profile Extrusion

Plastics Design & Manufacturing’s custom profile and pipe extrusion solutions offer our clients a wide range of versatility in production and material processing experience. Our process knowledge and integration of manufacturing controls provide our clients with the high-quality products they expect.

Our five extruders range in size from 2″ for smaller cross sections and tubing to 3.5″ for large cross sections and pipe. These capabilities, coupled with engineering support, will take your product from concept to production in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Some of the materials we extrude include:


  • PVC (rigid and flexible)
  • High Density Polypropylene
  • ABS (standard and fire retardant)
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • Weatherable grades of thermoplastics
  • Various recycled materials

Our industrial plastics business provides custom complex profile plastic extrusions for a wide variety of customers and industries. Our engineering staff performs 100 percent of our tool design and development in-house, using advanced CAD software.

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