Plastics Design & Manufacturing CEO Trent Cunningham Featured in Plastics News Magazine

Trent CunninghamAs a teenager, Trent Cunningham learned valuable life lessons and gained an appreciation of customers while working at a Texaco gas station. Responsibility, organization and customer service are just a few traits that were instilled in him early on in his career.

Cunningham applied those same traits in his career roles as a delivery driver, sales representative, stints as president at several printing companies, and his current role as CEO of Plastics Design & Manufacturing.

“Always treat the customer like it’s the only you have,” adds Cunningham. It always seemed to work out the best for him.

Cunningham has accomplished a lot in just two years. He credits mentor and trusted advisor Joe Davis for his success as a company leader. As CEO, one of his primary goals was to obtain AS9100 certification, which is the international Quality Management System (QMS) standard for the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. Plastics Design & Manufacturing achieved the certification in 2019, allowing the company to expand its footprint in the aviation and aerospace industries.

“That was an important milestone for Plastics Design & Manufacturing. It’s a rigorous process to become AS9100 certified and the certification is vital for anyone working with aerospace manufacturers and suppliers. Most organizations in this sector won’t do business with a company unless they have AS9100 certification. Organizations like NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as privatized aerospace giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin, all require suppliers to achieve AS9100 certification,” added Cunningham.

Click here to learn more about Trent Cunningham in the September 7, 2020 edition of Plastics News.

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