What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is a general term that covers the process of heating a flat plastic sheet until it can be shaped into a useful form. There are two different methods of thermoforming: vacuum forming and pressure forming.

At Plastics Design & Manufacturing, we typically deal with materials ranging in thickness from .030 in to .500 in. For medical devices and equipment, thermoforming with plastic is used to create sturdy casings. Compared to other production techniques, many experts point to the fact that thermoforming is a more versatile type of production.

Plastic thermoforming offers lower cost, smaller quantity runs and faster production time for products to get to market. The highly competitive market of the medical device industry demands this. In addition, products can be painted or have other textures applied, as well as made with anti-microbial or chemical-resistant plastic if necessary.

With a custom heavy-gauge thermoforming company, you can achieve detailed specifications and pleasing detail.

Thermoforming also allows for easier design changes to test in the market. Another benefit of thermoformed plastic is that it’s light and easy to clean. This is a desirable material quality in a sterile healthcare environment.

According to Machine Design newsletter, advances in both technique and technology have led to greater cost savings in making parts for the medical industry.

Meeting high standards: Plastics Design & Manufacturing makes it easy for you

Because the medical device industry is highly regulated, it’s important that each product is able to meet very specific standards. With the heavy gauge thermoforming process, it’s possible to achieve tight specifications and sharp detail for each part produced–and we can help you do just that.

Plastics Design & Manufacturing will be a full partner to you as you explore the possibility of using a custom thermoforming company. There are many reasons to take a look at our organization, including the fact that:

  • Our on-time delivery is 98% (industry average is 89%).
  • Our customer satisfaction rate is 99% (industry average is 92%).
  • We’re AS9100:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 Certified, which means we consistently provide outstanding products and services that result in customer satisfaction.
  • We are experts in pressure and vacuum heavy gauge thermoforming,
  • We have our own engineering and design group to assist with the design and development of your product from concept to prototype and into production
  • Our in-house services include CNC Machining, paint, silkscreen, fabrication & light assembly.

It’s important for thermoforming manufacturers to understand how the product will be used in a clinical setting and we’ve made it our business to understand yours. It’s also important to understand the packaging and supply chain requirements. We will help you find cost effective alternatives to increase quality and productivity.

Our goal of total customer satisfaction is our commitment to every client from local business to global corporations. Consult our specialists to explore your options for custom plastic manufacturing.