Engineering and Design Support

Dimensions and Tolerances

Initial guideline unless otherwise specified

Standard Molded Tolerances:

  • +/- .030 inch up to 12.00 inch plus an additional +/- .001 for each inch thereafter.

Standard machined tolerances:

  • From tool surface feature to machine surface; +/- .015 inch up to 12 inch
    Plus and additional +/- .0005 inch for each inch thereafter.
  • From machined surface to machined surface +/- .010inch up to 12.00 inch
    Plus an additional +/- .0005 inch for each inch thereafter.

Close Tolerance Dimensions:

  • +/- .010 may be achieved with upgraded tooling and fixtures

Finished material thickness after forming will vary depending on part design and material type.

CAD Data/File Transfer:

When e-mailing a large file or group of files, please use zip compression readable by winzip or pkzip.

Software used (available import filters):

  • Solidworks – slddrw, sldprt, sldasm
  • Mastercam
  • Adobe acrobat – pdf
  • Iges, parasolids, step

Plastics design & manufacturing has the ability to NC cut tooling and parts directly from cad files. However, for inspection and liability reasons we request a complete engineering print to accompany all purchase orders.

If possible, please include the following information with your quote/order:

  • Company name
  • Part name
  • Part number revision level
  • Quantities
  • Buyer name and phone number
  • Technical/engineering contact and phone number
  • Engineering e-mail address