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Comprehensive certifications, including AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015, mean that we work successfully with the most demanding industries.



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Custom Plastic Extrusion

At Plastics Design & Manufacturing our custom plastic profile and pipe extrusion capabilities offer a wide variety of versatility in production and material processing experience.

We support your turnkey needs with products including:

  • Tubing
  • Pipe
  • Window frames
  • Door glides
  • Strips
  • Moldings
  • And more…

Our five profile extruders range in size from 2” for smaller cross sections and tubing to 3.5” for large cross sections and pipe. We can handle up to 6” rectangular parts.

We also provide product design and manufacturing engineering assistance and are AS9100:2016 – 1SO 9001:2015 Certified.

custom plastic profile extrusion

Common Plastic Profile Extrusion

custom plastic profile extrusion

  • PVC | rigid and flexible
  • High Density Polypropylene
  • ABS | standard and fire retardant
  • High Impact Polystyrene
  • Weatherable grades of thermoplastics
  • Various Recycled materials

Plastic Profile Extrusion | The Basic Process

In the plastics extrusion process, raw thermoplastic material (resin) is fed into the barrel of an extruder. The rotating screw pushes the resin down a heated barrel to a set temperature, and then flows through a reinforced screen to remove any contaminants.

The resin passes through a die, which gives the final product its profile or shape and is maintained through the cooling process. The extruded material is cooled as it moves to the end of the line where it is spooled or cut into final pieces, all in line.

Learn more about the profile extrusion process from John Gonzalez, quality control manager at Plastics Design & Manufacturing